Take a moment to determine where to begin installation. In most spaces, hanging your first strip along the right side of a door, window, built-in shelf, or inconspicuous corner is easiest (for lefties, you’d want to begin to the left). 

For rooms with a feature area (such as a fireplace), or for patterns with large graphic repeats, hanging the first strip in the center of your focal point will achieve the most balanced look.

Once you’ve determined where to begin, mark your first vertical plumb line on the wall. Next, cut your strip of wallpaper, taking into account pattern repeat and match. If your intended strip is close in length to the wall height, be sure to include at least 4-6 extra inches to give enough leeway when positioning your paper. 

Note that most of Grow House Grow’s wallpapers have a 36 inch screen repeat. In cases where the printed pattern crosses over the vertical seam, it may be necessary to cut longer strips to ensure the best pattern match. For example: if your walls are nine feet, you may need to section your wallpaper from strips closer to 12 feet to properly align the JOIN marks every 36 inches.