21) For ongoing maintenance, mop regularly with clean water and a pH-neutral detergent. Adding a cap-full of liquid wax to the water can offer extra protection. Tiles may also be buffed with a soft white pad.

22) It is recommended to address spills and stains soon after they occur, as allowing them to sit for long periods of time will make them more difficult to remove.  For tough stains, Miracle Sealants Poultice Plus can be used to deep clean your tiles (resealing of deep cleaned will be necessary).

23) Very heavy foot traffic or outdoor installations may require additional maintenance. A natural patina will occur as the floor is maintained and wears.

24) The use of properly sized walk-off mats at entrances with heavy traffic, as well as regular sweeping or dust mopping, is important to remove abrasive grit that may cause unnecessary wear.

25) Resealing floors every 3-5 years is recommended.  For wet and/or high-traffic areas, floors can be resealed more frequently. Speak with your installer regarding the best maintenance schedule.

26) Prior to resealing, cement tiles can be deep cleaned with Miracle Sealants Liquid Poultice (see above), or refinished with fine grit (e.g. 400+) wet-dry sandpaper. Sanding correctly will remove a micro top-layer to reveal fresh pigments below the surface.