Wallpaper FAQ

Wallpaper help: How much do I need to order?

There are two ways to determine how much wallpaper you need.  The easiest way to measure is by the square foot, which will provide a ballpark estimate.  The second method, while more complicated, will provide a more exact estimate for your final order.


First, determine the square footage of the walls to be covered by multiplying the length by the height. Be sure to round up to the next half foot or foot, for a nice whole number.

All of our rolls, once trimmed, are 27 inches wide by 15 feet long. This translates to just over 33 square feet. Divide the square footage of your wall (calculated above) by 33, and round up. This is roughly the number of rolls you will need.


1. Determine the width of the wall to be papered in feet, and multiply by 12.  Round up to the next inch, and then divide by 27 (27 is the width in inches of a strip of wallpaper).  This number is how many strips of wallpaper you will need.  Note: When estimating a space for wallpaper, do not include normal sized windows and doors.

2. Next, measure the height of the wall in inches.  Add six inches to this number, then divide by 36 (36 is the full screen repeat of our wallpapers).  Round up to the next whole number, and then multiply by 36.  This is the number of inches in each strip of wallpaper you will need.  To determine the number in feet, divide it by 12.

3. Take this final number, and multiply it by the number of strips (step 1) that are needed.  This is how many total feet in wallpaper necessary to cover your wall.  Divide this number by 15, which is how many feet are in a roll of wallpaper.  Round up to the next whole number, and voila!  This is how many rolls of wallpaper to order for your space.

Math not your thing?  Contact us any time with your exact wall measurements, and we’ll whip up an estimate for you.

For further help: http://www.wallpaperinstaller.com/

How do I set up a trade account?

For information on our wallpapers for architects and interior designers, contact us here.  Be sure to have your reseller’s permit handy, and let us know which patterns, colors, and quantities you’re interested in so we can return an estimate as soon as possible.

Where can I find a professional to install my wallpaper?

A great place to start is the Wallcovering Installers Association.  They have a directory that is searchable by zip code which can connect you with reputable wallpaper installers in your area.  For projects in the NYC region, we have a shortlist of professionals who have worked with our papers in the past that we are happy to share.  Contact us for more information.

How is Grow House Grow’s paper installed?

We always recommend hiring a professional paperhanger to hang our papers. Here are some helpful pointers:

-Clean, patch, prime and seal / size walls. This protects your wall, and allows for a better hanging surface.

-Clear, strippable paste works best with our papers.

-Hanging blank stock or lining papers under our wallpaper is not necessary, though its benefits include a smoother hanging surface (for older walls) as well as the control of seams and bubbles through moisture reduction.

-For the best side-to-side match, hang our wallpaper at the “JOIN” marks located on each side of the selvedge.

-To minimize the appearance of seams when hanging a dark colorway:

  • Tint the trimmed paper’s edge with a small amount of diluted guache or acrylic paint in a similar color.
  • Prior to hanging, choose a paint color similar to the main background color of your pattern. Measure where each section of wallpaper will meet, and paint the vertical area of wall where the seams will align.

Note:  Grow House Grow’s wallpapers are not only hand printed, but our inks are also hand mixed. Slight variation may occur, and is a natural element of the handmade. Should goods arrive damaged, we are happy to exchange or refund the order within 14 days of delivery.  Please inspect your wallpaper prior to hanging; Grow House Grow is not responsible for wallpaper that has been hung on the wall, or damaged during installation. Cancellations must be made within 24 hours of placing your order.

Can I hang my wallpaper in the bathroom?

Yes, though we recommend keeping the room well ventilated. Be sure not to hang the wallpaper where it will be in direct contact with water (such as in the shower). The wallpaper can also be coated with a clear, water-based varnish for additional protection (see below).

I want something special.  Can I customize the color?

Of course!  We’re happy to discuss creating a new colorway for you.  Here’s the breakdown:

– Contact us and send a swatch of the color you’d like.

– Once it’s matched, you can decide to order a small dab of color for your approval, or a full 27 x 36 inch strike off of the wallpaper (please contact us for pricing).

– Order your gorgeous custom colorway (five roll minimum order + $100 set up fee)!   


How is Grow House Grow’s wallpaper packaged? Why is there a two roll minimum order?

We package all of our wallpaper in double and triple roll bolts. This allows for more hangable strips of paper, which means less waste.