Tackapousha in "Pistachio Cake"

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In his wildest dreams, Sachem Tackapousha–chief of the Massapequa tribe–could never have imagined the transformation his land would undergo in the centuries following its sale to the Dutch. After millenia as an untamed peninsula, Tackapousha’s native land–later known as Far Rockaway, New York–would become a vibrant beachside resort for millions of city dwellers. In its heyday, the Rockaways played host to elegant hotels, roaring beach soirees and world-renowned amusements parks.

Folks from all walks of life enjoyed the peninsula’s pristine beaches, though society’s elite certainly had the best view. The Marine Pavilion Hotel & Resort, completed in 1833, was the first in a long line of luxurious hotels, bath houses and stately homes to dot the ocean front. At its peak, The New York Times published weekly updates on the city’s upper crust as they frolicked throughout the summer Rockaway season, commenting on all the necessary fashions and parties.

Today, the Rockaways’ history isn’t easy to detect–nearly two centuries of fires, redevelopment, and erosion have left much of the landscape devoid of hints to its storied past. Our Tackapousha pattern, with its arrow motif and graceful lines, aims to bridge the wild beaches of Tackapousha’s 17th century home with the glamor of Far Rockaway’s golden age.

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  • Pattern Repeat: 4″
  • Pattern Match:  Straight across
  • Screen Repeat: 36″
  • Roll: 27″ wide x 15′ long
  • Sample: 9″ x 11″
  • Print: 27″ x 36″ (ideal for framing)

Grow House Grow’s wallpaper is hand silk screened with care in beautiful New York. Rolls come untrimmed and unpasted, and are both gently wipeable and strippable. There is a two roll minimum for all orders. Professional installation is highly recommended.

Lead time: We keep limited stock of all our wallpapers (several days to ship), and also print to order (3-4 weeks to ship).  For information on a specific lead time, contact us with your preferred pattern, colorway, and quantity.

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About Far Rockaway

It\'s hard to pinpoint why the history of Far Rockaway is so alluring. Perhaps because it was once such a popular and fashionable destination, yet little remains of its opulent architecture and frolicking Victorian crowds. The grand hotels and homes that once lit up the waterfront have all succumbed to fire, development or the sea. The coast has shifted and entire islands have disappeared. Neighboring Coney Island (and its sister parks of yore: Dreamland, Luna Park and Steeplechase) have also seen constant change since their respective Grand Openings. At their height, they boasted journeys to the moon, wild sideshows, romantic promenades, hanging gardens and trips through time to distant lands. As a rule, little expense was spared in cultivating amusements of the highest quality–from the one million lightbulbs that made Dreamland dreamy, to the fully functioning "Lilliputian Village" with over 300 dwarves. Though a handful of rides still dot the landscape, the sheer imagination and ingenuity of those long gone amusement parks is lost, remembered only distantly through stories and fading photographs. Our Far Rockaway Collection is an homage to those fancy and fantastical summer days, when New Yorkers exchanged their cramped city streets for Queens\' breezy coast.