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Mesa Vouno


Atlantis is arguably one of the most famous “lost” civilizations; but did it ever truly exist? First described in Plato’s dialogues Timaeus and Critias, the utopian island was ruled by Poseidon’s son Atlas, and populated by a highly advanced and cultured people. In time, as their power grew, so did their hubris—causing the society’s ethics and morals to waver. As punishment for their misdeeds, the island was destroyed and sank into the sea by way of divine punishment.

Most historians agree this island was invented by Plato, as a way to illustrate his philosophical theories. Others—such as 19th century American writer (and Congressman!) Ignatius Donnelly, and Russian esoteric Theosophist Helena Petrovna Blavatsky—sought to prove the island’s true history as a non-fictional realm, populated by a heroic people with direct lineage to modern humans. Today, most view Atlantis through a magical or mystical lens, rooted in folklore.

Many believers claim the Greek island of Santorini is the final resting place of Atlantis, buried under millennia of earth and ash from the island’s now-resting volcano, Thera. Our Mesa Vouno pattern is named after Santorini’s non-volcanic mountain, itself the home of ruins: the very real ancient Spartan city of Thira.

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  • Pattern Repeat: 9″
  • Pattern Match:  straight across
  • Screen Repeat: 36″

  • Roll: 27″ wide x 15′ long
  • Sample: 9″ x 11″
  • Print: 27″ x 36″ (ideal for framing)


Grow House Grow’s wallpaper is hand silk screened with care in beautiful New York. Rolls come untrimmed and unpasted, and are both gently wipeable and strippable.  There is a two roll minimum for all orders.  Professional installation is highly recommended.

Lead time: We keep limited stock of all our wallpapers (several days to ship), and also print to order (3-4 weeks to ship).  For information on a specific lead time, contact us with your preferred pattern, colorway, and quantity.

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