Ode To The Unhasty


The world these days is one of laptops on vacation, midnight cell phone checks and a near-constant barrage of to-do lists. That’s why the story for this pattern is something I’m fairly certain each of us, on some level, can relate to. In fact, it’s not really a story at all. It is instead a simple homage to the flora and fauna that has it right: slow and steady, take it easy, go with the flow (literally, says the sand dollar).

In the face of our hectic lifestyles these brave avians, gastropods and sea dwellers have taken a road less traveled and more moseyed. And so I say Three Cheers for the ones who stroll, dilly-dally and ramble! Hear, hear to the floaters and flutterers! May they remind us to take a moment and slow down.


Snail: Clocking in at between 0.03mph and 0.008mph, there are few living things slower than the humble snail.

Seahorse: The agile and seemingly mythic seahorse glides more than swims at around 0.001mph.

Timberdoodle: Officially known as the American Woodcock, this bird has been recorded with the slowest known flight speed at 5mph. His elaborate courtship flights are considered a signal for the start of Spring.

Sand dollar: Most of us collect sun-baked sand dollars off the beaches, but this this burrowing echinoid is very much a living thing.

Sloth: The Seven Deadly Sins give this sweet mammal a bad name. His .15mph may seem lazy as he ambles through the treetops, but is that really a bad thing?

Manatee: Also known as the sea cow, these graceful giants glide at around 13mph.

Bristlecone Pine: This evergreen is remarkable for its longevity and slow bristle growth. While some evergreens lose and regrow their bristled leaves every few months, the Bristlecone can take up for 45 years to renew its foliage.


  • Roll: 27″ wide x 15′ long
  • Sample: 9″ x 11″


  • Pattern Repeat: 12″
  • Pattern Match:  Straight
  • Screen Repeat: 36″
  • No. of Screens: 4

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