Bee & Skep


Since antiquity, the honeybee has held an important role in both the practical and mystical aspects of human life. Worshiped as a harbinger of birth, death, and resurrection by the ancient Egyptians, they were revered for their honey and nurtured in woven baskets known as “skeps.” To the Celts, the bee was an honored messenger between worlds, facilitating communication with gods in the spirit realm. Across cultures and eras, bee’s honey has sweetened and healed, their wax has soothed and brought light, and their steadfast pollinating has kept nature abundant. Our Bee & Skep tile is an ode to this magical creature.

Samples available in two colorways: Cornflower (Navy, Black, Peacock, Salmon) and Snowdrop (White, Oxford Gray, Blue Asia, Melon).


  • Dimensions: 8″ x 8″
  • Thickness: 5/8″
  • Weight: 3 lbs.


  • $120 / box of 12 (5.33 square feet)
  • $22 / sample tile
  • 4-6 weeks to ship




Tiles are handmade to order, which means color can be customized to suit your space. Please see our color palettes for available custom options.


Please submit the Request an Estimate form below for a formal quote.


  • We recommend ordering 15% overage to cover any chipping or cracking that may occur during shipment or installation.
  • All tile orders will be rounded up into a multiple of 12 pieces to ensure boxes are correctly packaged.
  • Freight shipping is estimated per order, and is not included in the boxed tile price.

Classic Pattern for Any Space

Also known as Cuban tile or mosaico hidraulico, these bright, long lasting tiles are made by layering mixtures of Portland cement, marble powder, and natural pigments into a mold. Cement tiles are completely natural in both content and process, and became popular in the 19th century for their cool, fresh feel in hot weather. These beauties can be found all over the world–from Barcelona’s promenades and Moroccan homes, to Parisian galleries and classic New York buildings.

Hand crafted with 100% natural materials, cement is suitable on the floor, on the wall, indoors and out. Made to last a lifetime, they are ideal for both residential and commercial applications. Cement tiles are completely recyclable, and are water-cured as opposed to fired. Each piece is handmade to order, which means color can be customized to suit your space. Visit our Tile FAQ page to learn more.

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