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Who doesn’t like a good mystery?  As lovers of all things bibliophile, one of our favorite unknowns is the Voynich Manuscript.  Created in the early 1400s in what is believed to be northern Italy, the codex is an enigmatic work of art.  

Sinuous script stretches across the vellum pages, but it lacks known meaning or punctuation.  The richly illustrated plant life is almost Earth-like, yet decidedly alien.  Alchemical diagrams and (often naked) celestial figures are intricately splayed throughout the margins, but they seem nonsensical and, in some cases, straight up bizarre.  Throw in the fact that this codex once passed through the hands of the great Athanasius Kircher, and you can see why it’s such a unique piece of work.

Our Voynich pattern incorporates elements of the curious herbs, plants, and flowers from the manuscript.  To view the full codex in detail, visit

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Product Description

18″ repeat, straight-across match

Roll: 27″ wide x 5 yards long

Print: 27″ wide x 36″ long (ideal for framing)

Sample: 9″ wide x 11″ long

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