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Fauna Fantasía


There is a story my Cuban grandfather used to tell me about the day he ran off to join the circus.  It’s one of my favorites.  Yet memories are funny and fuzzy, so instead of an adventure of acrobats and wild beasts, over time I came to remember the tale simply as this: One morning he woke up, packed a small satchel of food, and into the hills of Camagüey he went to find his fortune under the big top.  He was just was six-years-old, but he told me he wasn’t scared.  “Do you know why?” he paused and asked with a smile.  “Because there are no poisonous animals in Cuba.  I ran barefoot all day, without a care.”

My grandfather was a wonderful trickster, and the idea of an entire country without venomous danger seemed unbelievable to me.  Could it be true?  

To my surprise, he wasn’t entirely fibbing.  There are, in fact, no deadly poisonous insects, reptiles, or animals in Cuba.  From that moment, the island became a serene jungle in my mind.  A paradise filled with gentle serpents, fluttering birds, and snails lolling on warm, velvety leaves. 

This pattern is for the magical places my grandfather created through his stories.  It’s the fantasía I pictured when he would drift through memories and tell me about his home.  And while there are no native monkeys on the island of Cuba (we can thank the rest of his circus adventure for our playful friend here), all the other creatures in our Fauna Fantasía come straight form the enchanting Cuban countryside.  

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Product Description

Pattern size: 18″ repeat, 9 inch drop

Sample: 9″ wide x 11″ long

Roll: 27″ wide x 5 yards long

Print: 27″ wide x 36″ long (ideal for framing)

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