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Chicago : Mexico City


Sister Cities: Chicago, USA + Mexico City, Mexico

These days, it feels like the focus of US-Mexican relations is often aimed at our differences. But what of our shared and storied history?  Or our seemingly distinct languages, and how they shamelessly borrow from one another? And anyone who’s tasted an authentic mole poblano or mezcal knows the importance of our culinary relationship.  It should come as no surprise that our cultures and traditions mirror each other more with each passing day. Our “Chicago : Mexico City” wallpaper combines notable design similarities between these neighboring lands; think linear, Midwestern Prairie School meets geometric Aztec pattern work.

What are Sister Cities?

Sister Cities and Twin Towns are voluntary alliances made between different regions of the world. These affiliations can be comedic (Dull, Scotland is paired with Boring, Oregon), as well as political, linguistic, economic, artistic, historic, diplomatic, or simply created to promote better cross-cultural understanding.

Product Description

36″ repeat, straight-across match

Roll: 27″ wide x 5 yards long

Print: 27″ wide x 36″ long (ideal for framing)

Sample: 9″ wide x 11″ long

Grow House Grow’s wallpaper is hand silk screened with care in beautiful New York. Rolls come untrimmed and unpasted, and are both gently wipeable and strippable. Professional installation is highly recommended.

There is a two roll minimum for all orders. Please allow two to three weeks for your wallpaper to ship.