Parlour Room

Very few of us–especially New Yorkers– have the good fortune to lay claim to our own parlour room. We tend to do our entertaining where space is available; kitchens, living rooms and closet-sized bedrooms. There was a time, however, when entertaining was a well-oiled ritual, rife with etiquette and attention to detail. The parlour room was home to a family’s more luxurious decor, and was the hub for social meetings, teas and general entertainment.

Grow House Grow’s Spring 2009 collection is inspired by this great room. We’ve chosen several individuals, all interesting and mysterious in their own right, and asked: what would their parlour room have looked like? The adventurous and curious lives of Cattle Kate, Aleister Crowley and Captain Smith are our subject. Their general backdrop–the Victorian and Edwardian eras–were filled with decorative elegance, opulent damasks and graceful lines. Combined, each individual and their place in time offer a rich muse.