Clay Tiles

How to Order

SAMPLE TILE:  Sample tiles are available in our stock colors to the trade for $9 each.  Samples can be ordered through using code “GHGTILE“, which will apply the trade discount at checkout.

GETTING A QUOTE: Contact us with your desired pattern, colors, shipping address, and contact phone.  We’ll get back to you with the break down and lead time for your order.

About Clay

Handmade by applying lead-free pigments onto the surface of sturdy clay, these kiln-fired tiles are similar in look to cement, but with a semi-gloss finish. Benefits of fired clay tiles include a non-porous surface (which doesn’t require sealing), as well as simpler maintenance techniques.  Like cement, our clay tiles are appropriate for both residential and commercial projects, and will bring vibrancy to any space.  To learn more about the difference between cement and clay, please visit our Tile FAQ page.

DIMENSIONS: Square 8×8 inches  /  Hex 8×9 inches

THICKNESS: 1/2th inch

WEIGHT: Square .65 lbs.  /  Hex .55 lbs.

TILES PER SQUARE FOOT: Square 2.3  /  Hex 2.7


LEAD TIME: 6-8 weeks to ship.

CUSTOM COLOR:  Interested in something a little different?  Customizing our clay is similar to cement, which utilizes our 60-color cement palette as a base. Clay finishes will be semi-gloss and as similar as possible to their cement counterpart. View the full range of colors here.  Cement palettes are available for purchase on for $12/each. Clay color books will be available for purchase, coming soon!

QUANTITY:  We recommend ordering at least 10% overage to cover any chipping or cracking that might occur during shipping or installation.  All tile orders will be rounded up into a multiple of 20 or 22 (depending on tile shape) to ensure each box is packed correctly.

There is a small order up-charge for quantities under 100 tiles.


Technical Specs

  • Water Absorption: 3% < 7%
  • Abrasive Resistance: C3
  • Scratch Hardness: MOHS 5
  • Coeficient of Friction (COF): C2
  • Shade Variation: V3





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